Why do we call aftersun products our superheros?

20 Jun 2017

The sun is one of the most beautiful things we can enjoy as humans on earth. Usually it helps us in may situations even health problems. But mostly it’s good for our psychology. The rime says that in sunny days, the skin gets darker, hair gets longer, drinks colder and music lets louder so life gets better!
That’s why usually the first times of sunbathing we end up with a sunburn or in the best situation with redness even if we have used sunblock products with high protection. That’s why all the major cosmetic companies have created in their sun range the key product, the aftersun lotion and or cream.

You can’t undo sun damage, but you can help your skin out. After-sun lotions and gels are key in helping to rehydrate the skin to assist in the repairing process as they seal in moisture.

The secret is to apply products for relief immediately after sun exposure, and then again up to three times a day. You can keep applying it even after your burn to help put moisture back into the skin and improve skin’s appearance and integrity.

The right products can even prevent peeling and extend your tan. Using a hydrating and nourishing after sun also helps to prolong your tan and prevent peeling. When peeling skin is moisturized immediately it is less likely to spread. Likewise, the secret to extend your tan is to keep it hydrated. Another way to extend the life of your tan is to take cool showers rather than hot. Hot showers can be very drying, so a cool shower keeps as much moisture in your skin as possible.

Applying the creams after bathing can help to increase absorption. Whether your skin feels dry or is starting to peel, these bottles will come to your aid and keep you nicely bronzed into the fall.

Gentle exfoliation is also advisable as it helps to remove the dull, dead cells on the surface of your skin and reveal younger, more radiant cells beneath. Over exfoliation may actually increase the fade rate of your tan, so use a gentle scrub and apply to your skin with light, circular motions without too much pressure.

Although after sun is something many people use, not everyone is aware how after sun works or what it does, other than providing cooling relief to sunburnt skin. helps to repair your skin and replenish lost moisture. As well as soothing and hydrating your skin, the antioxidants in the after sun help to prevent damage from free radicals, which can linger on the skin even once you are out of the sun.

Free radicals are spawned when UV rays come into contact with your skin. They cause a chain reaction of damage to skin cells, resulting in premature skin ageing. Antioxidants effectively neutralise free radicals and prevent the chain reaction from occurring, helping to reduce further damage that may occur after sun exposure.

One of the most important ingredients for a good and effective aftersun product are the below:

• Beta Phytosomes : they create a calming effect film on the skin
• Shea Butter: Nourishes ,repairs and creates barrier for moisture loss
• Chondrus Crispus Algae & Polysaccharides: Hydrates
• Laminaria Oily Extracts: Rich in Vitamin A
• CPA Complex: Eliminates Free Radicals
• Hamamelis Destillate relieves the skin reddening and tightness caused by sun exposure.
• Vitamin E supports skin´s own protection system against UV-induced free radicals.

Micro-hyalouronic Acid: Better absorption – small Mollicules and Stimulation of the synthesis of the constitutive proteins of the tight junctions.

• Spirulina : provides elasticity
• Aloe Vera : Regenerates and Protects
• Vitamin B5 : repairs and Protects
• Oligosource: anti – flammatory (-71%)

These are the most basic and important ingredients to create a strong product able to help us in the situations mentioned above. In any case aftersun products can be used as well for protection even if we haven’t got any redness or burn.

It’s a must product to have if you like the beach and sunbathing!
So pack your things, get your sunblock and aftersun cream or lotion and enjoy the summer!!!!

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