Face serums, do we really need them in our face care routine?

04 Oct 2017

Face serums are concentrated, lightweight products that penetrate deeper than others to deliver active ingredients into your skin. There have been loads of questions recently about serums; the most important and includes all the rest is this one: do they actually serve a purpose? Well, the quick answer to this would be yes, they do serve a purpose. To tell the actual truth, they are very useful. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, and there are bad examples of every type of beauty product, but in general, serums tend to be some of the most hardworking and effective skincare products in the cosmetic industry.

A serum will usually have a lightweight texture and will be fast-acting. It’s been formulated to penetrate the skin and deliver potent active ingredients, which makes it a completely different to a moisturizer. A moisturizer might also contain active ingredients, and most good ones do, but it is primarily designed to form a sort of barrier between the skin and the outside world, helping the skin to retain moisture. 

The wonderful thing about a serum – is that it takes absolutely no time to apply. It’s a quicker step than cleansing, most definitely, and it’s even quicker than applying on a moisturizer because it has been formulated to be so lightweight and to penetrate the skin so fast as mentioned above. And it’s weightless, usually, so you won’t even know that it’s there. For people with oily, combination or acne-prone skin, people who maybe panic about things clogging pores and triggering breakouts, it’s the skincare texture of dreams; no heaviness, no residue – quite often a serum is so light that it’s just like applying water.

Light, but so powerful; good serums carry the most active and effective of ingredients. Again, many of these ingredients can and will be in a moisturizer too, but it’s the serum that has micro molecules which penetrate in the dermis delivering things like salicylic acid (brilliant for clearing blackheads and keeping spotty skin clear), glycolic and lactic acids (great for exfoliation to reveal fresh, brighter skin), antioxidants such as Vitamin C (help to protect the skin against things like UV damage and pollution) and potent moisturizers like hyaluronic acid for anti-ageing purposes and much more.

Serums are the most brilliant things; We love the fact that we can get filled with active ingredients without adding another layer of product to our skin. They are especially great if you want to apply something beneath your SPF, BB Cream, Tinted Moisturizer etc. Just swipe on the serum and get on with the final step. People with dry skin will no doubt still need a hydrating cream, but for those who are on the oily or combination side, it’s just straight in with the multipurpose makeup/moisturizer/SPF/whatever it is you’re finishing with.

No matter what, serums are a must in our daily skincare routine and surely give a better result in every need of our epidermis if combined and used along with the right products.

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