Let’s talk about facials!

15 Sep 2017

Let’s talk about facials!
When is the best time of the year to have facials?

The actual answer to the above question should be all the year round but due to the hot climate we have in Cyprus there are some precautions. However, the increased level of pollutants we are exposed to leave dirt, grime and even chemicals on our skin, so in order to keep our skin fresh and young, we need to take care of it. The ideal time to treat our skin is early autumn, when the sun it’s not so strong and the hot is starting to fade. Specially after vacations, time spend at the beach and pools, when our skin is dull, dehydrated and tired.

What facial treatments we shall have? All of the treatments of course are important and usefull.so the best is to have a combination of treatments one by one beginning with the one that our skin needs most. Various facials are performed for: Hydration, anti-ageing, purifying, radiance, lifting, rejuvenation, oxygenating soothing, and much more purposes. As I mentioned above the main fact our beautician should consider is the needs of our skin and create a personalized facial for each one of us. Great attention should be applied on facial for whitening and acne treatments, due to the high consistency of strong and efficient ingredients of the products used. The dermis should always be protected from sun and external facts in order to avoid infections and blotch marks.

Let’s see now some of the steps of a professional facial and why each one of them is important:
Cleaning: This step in a facial helps clean out clogged pores so the skin can breathe — preventing blackheads and breakouts In addition, the cleaning phase of the facial helps address the free radical damage done from sun exposure and helps the products that will be used to penetrate deeper.

Analyzing: It allows the beautician to more accurately analyze a client’s skin and prescribe appropriate products and suggest a personalized skin treatment program for the dermis needs and perform the right kind of facial.

Exfoliating: While traditional facials have always involved removing dead skin as part of aiding cellular renewal, in the past few years, peels and microdermabrasion have taken this process even further. Research has shown that the result of this type of exfoliating is the stimulation of collagen and elastin production. In addition, When the skin is well exfoliated, the top layer of dead skin comes off and the face glows. This step of a facial helps boosts the immune system of the skin and improves circulation which helps refine pores and lessen wrinkles.

Ata this point the continuity of a facial depends on the type of the facial performed and if there will be a use of machinery. In any case masks, serums, and additional products can be applied to achieve the best results. Remember, that your treatments should be performed by a professional beautician -cosmetologist always!

For sure facial treatments are the nutrition to keep our skin “alive”.


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