Ocean Secret – An Extraordinary Anti-Ageing Facial

07 Mar 2018

The Ocean Secrets is An Extraordinary and Anti-Ageing Global Luxury Facial of Thalion that comes from the depth of the sea with all the benefits of the trace elements and combines 3 patented active ingredients and 3 Hyaluronic Acids.

This exclusive and innovating Thalion treatment includes a ritual cleaning and scrub to remove the dead cells and prepare the dermis to receive and absorb all the precious ingredients mentioned above. In addition, a Face Gym Lift Massage is performed, pearls full of high consistency molecules are applied wrinkle by wrinkle and finally, a peel-off mask is dedicated to deeply correct the signs of ageing and revive cellular regeneration.

It can only be performed by specialized beauty therapists for the highest result. The Therapist has the opportunity to supply the customer with the serum and cream for the daily care.

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