Slimming Pearls from THALION

20 Apr 2017

Thalion – leading expert in marine cosmetics – carefully selects the richest seaweeds. This unique know-how as a harvester enables us to preserve the original qualities of these precious plants and integrate them in new formulas.
This is how our laboratories have created the pearls which are an innovative slimming concept: all-in-one treatment with immediate effectiveness in just 30 minutes!
Turquoise sea pearls roll and literally melt on the skin to deliver their precious content. They act on two levels: exfoliation and reduction of cellulite.
The exfoliating stage prepares the skin and makes it more receptive by activating the microcirculation. Slimming active ingredients are released during a deep and invigorating massage for targeted action on belly, thigh, and buttocks. With high concentration the active ingredients such as Algo-slim which is exclusive patented resulting to a 5-year research with lipolytic properties but also an activity limiting lipogenesis, Menthol and Caffeine we gain the below benefits from each single treatment:
1.Double slimming action: favors destocking & prevents the formation of new cellulite,
2.Fast and effective treatment that requires no shower or rinse,
3.Immediate “deflating” effect,
4.The skin is soft, smooth, tissues are drained, the silhouette is reshaped.
5.Helps to get rid of the orange peel on your skin
It’s easy it’s quick, it’s efficient!
Are you ready for a new body or what?

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