Spa Etiquette & Policy: What you need to know before visiting a spa.

24 Nov 2017

We live in a world without rules, for better or worse. We’re hyper-connected, super busy and we can’t be fenced in by such things, especially when we need to book a salon or spa appointment or a beauty service. Nope, we need to get in, get it done, and get out, thank you very much. We’re paying for a service, we expect the best and they’re there to provide it. Right?

Well, not exactly. Even though the customer is always right (and, you know, maybe sometimes a little wrong) there are some rules — stated and unstated — to make sure you have your own best experience ever.

Here are below some of the rules and regulations that we should follow in order to have a satisfying experience:

1. Reservations: its highly recommended to make a treatment booking in advance, so that we can find available the preferable time and treatment as well.

2. Arrival: we should always arrive 10to 15 minutes before our scheduled reservation. This allows time for leisurely check-in, change of clothes and relax before the treatment. Arriving late will simply limit your time of treatment.

3. Medical history: a medical form will be given to you to complete by the time you arrive at the spa reception. It is wise to fill in the form correctly and inform the personnel of the spa for any medical conditions that you may have.

4. Cancellations: you always should give a minimum notice before you cancel your treatment. The minimum time varies from Spa to Spa. Usually, it’s from 6 to 12 hours before. All the no show appointments are charged fully.

5. Gratuities: this is a personal matter and these should reflect your level of satisfaction with our services

6. Comfort Level during treatment: if at any time of your treatment you are not completely comfortable, you should inform your therapist. this is your time and the services provided are there to make sure that your treatment is what you expected to be. If you have any comments or queries to share with your therapist, feedback is always welcome in the professional Spa.

7. Kindly note that the below are not allowed:
• Cell phones
• Food or Drinking from home (Luxury spas always offer green tea or juices after treatment)
• Valuables (since the spa will not take any responsibility for any article lost)
• Underwear or suitable swimming costume should be worn during the treatments
• To preserve the calm and relaxing atmosphere in Spas participants should be over the age of 18.

So Keep the above in mind and….. enjoy responsibly!

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