Thalion. Beauty with respect to eco-system!

24 Jan 2017
The industry of cosmetics is a big circle where the core of it is the ingredients. A big number of companies are turning to the sea and oceans in the search for new ingredients. Even though many of the raw materials are emerging, the development is giving us questions about sustaina­bility. Can the beauty industry prevent damage to marine eco-systems when sourcing?The answer is yes; if the company which produces the mineral cosmetics is harvesting as well.
Beauty and cosmetic ingredient firms are developing new materials from coastal plants, seaweeds, algae and sea minerals. These materials are especially favored by natural cosmetic companies seeking new sources of innovation.High demand for marine ingredients is increasing the number of raw material suppliers specializing in such products.
Thalion has the benefit of being a harvester which means that they can control the amount, the time and the quality of the algae and seaweeds which they harvest and protect the environment at the same time. They respect the eco – system, this is also proven due to the fact that the Iroise Sea(where the laboratories and company are situated) is a World Biosphere Reserve – from UNESCO since 1988.
In addition they have their own laboratories so they can ensure the quality control, the high efficiency of the products and finally the low cost of products for the consumer.
This is due to the fact that they begin from the source and they finish to the consumption.
Thalion has a unique expertise and is a partner that works alongside you.

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