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Engineering | Thalasys


Our Company offers a full range of equipment and products designed by well – known manufacturers, tailored to suit your specific needs. In association with our sister company CD KLIMADOMO LTD, complete spa packages and turn – key projects can be offered. According to the final Layout of the Spa the following zones can be equipped with high quality equipment and products:


Hydrotherapy Rooms & Exercise Pools:

Hydrobaths, Hydrotherapy Pools, Affusion and Jet Showers



Heat Experience Suites:

Serail Baths, Steam Rooms,Saunas and Infrared Saunas,Experience Showers & Float Rooms


Massage & Aesthetic Zone:

Massage Tables,Pedicure Chairs,Floating Beds and Slimming Equipment


Gym Fitness Area:

Gym & Fitness and Cardiovascular Machines


Reception Area:

Booking and Management Software Program

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